Afina Stroy

Complex "Pustovsky"

About the project
"Pustovsky" is a new residential neighborhood of comfort class in the center of the city of Shchelkovo. The complex consists of three 17-storey monolithic-brick buildings with built-in non-residential premises.

Three buildings, interconnected non-residential annexes, form a single composition, stretched out a single line along the planned boulevard. Facades of buildings are faced with ceramic bricks of three shades with the use of stains of polystyrene cornices and elements of decorative plaster. The base of each house is laid with ceramic tiles.

The total living area in each building will be 6,053 thousand square meters. In the first building there are 58 one-room apartments, 32 two-room apartments and 19 three-room apartments. In the second building 53 one-room, 32 two-room and 23 three-bedroom apartments. The housing will be 38-91 sq.m. The apartments are comfortable and spacious. Loggias and balconies are provided in the apartments located from the third floor. Loggias are glazed with single-compartment double-glazed windows with aluminum profiles. In addition, all the loggias are protected by brickwork. The houses are equipped with double-chamber PVC double-glazed windows and wooden entrance doors.

"Pustovsky" is built on the territory of the demolished prehistoric low-rise building on the 1-st Soviet Lane.


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